About Us 

Membership in the Association of Executive and Administrative Professionals offers you a wealth of important career advantages. The moment you join AEAP, you become a vital part of a thriving network of professionals dedicated to promoting the careers of those who, by the very nature of their critical work, are associated with the leaders of the business world.

AEAP assists members in achieving their career goals by keeping you informed of advances and changes in professional practice and technology. We offer a variety of educational programs and promote the free exchange of ideas among peers to enhance job satisfaction and encourage your professional development.

Members enjoy a generous package of benefits available only through their association with AEAP, and gain the competitive edge that comes with belonging to a respected and growing professional organization.

Why should you join? Here are 8 Terrific Reasons!

1. AEAP Weekly E-news - the best reads of the week in our field.  Practical strategies to improve your professional effectiveness and balance your busy life.

2. Salary Survey - current data on salaries by state, job title and industry.

3. Member Online Network Directory – Contact your AEAP member colleagues using the online Member Directory. Search by State, Job Title, and Areas of Experience.

4. Job Search Service - National exposure should you decide to seek new career opportunities.

5. Priority on the AEAP Forum –We put the knowledge and experience of other members at your fingertips.

6. Educational Opportunities reduced conference registration fees, seminars, publications and home study courses designed to give you the skills to succeed.

7. Email Blast Networking Service – Members can get quick answers from peers around the country. This is one of our most popular benefits.

8. Access to members-only website offering discounts– Your AEAP membership allows you to save money on a range of products and services.

Goals of AEAP
fashion outlet supplier online In addition to promoting the professional development of our members, AEAP is constantly working to increase and improve the benefits available to association members. We endeavor to provide a variety of high-quality benefits free of charge - as well as optional services you can purchase at money-saving discounts. New benefits are announced via the weekly e-news newsletter of email.

Once you join AEAP, we invite you to submit suggestions to help improve and strengthen our membership services. Let us be your partner in your path to success. We are strongest when we work together.

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