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Manufacturing/Construction Admins
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Selling old HP Equipment and New HP Cartridges Where to sell used HP Officejet 6700 Premium Printer and accompanying HP 932XL and 933 NEW cartridges (not in original box). Stephanie Woodruff 7/17/2017 9:29:59 AM0
Working from Home Hi Everyone, I was wondering if any of the members have the option to work from home and if so are there any rules/policies attached to this? We are in the beginning stages of discussions with possible offering this option but want to make sure we're covering all aspects of "what ifs" before we offer it to the group. Thanks so much! Kathleen Grinnell 7/10/2017 7:27:04 AM5
PowerPoint Online Classes? I need to sharpen my PP skills and need assistance - does anyone know of an online course I can take? I've looked into adult education and some of the courses are $300.00! Thanks! KJ 5/3/2016 7:20:18 PM0
Admin Site We used to have an admin. page on my previous company's website where the admin community could reference things such as forms, templates, FAQ's. etc. Has anyone else seen anything like this at your company? If so, can you please share what types of resources you had on your site? Anonymous 3/28/2016 4:34:04 PM1
New to the Plant/Manufacturing Environment - LOTO Doc I am learning my new position in a new environment. Coming from the education world into the manufacturing world. I have some questions related to LOTO docx, procedure, policies and would like to see if someone could lend a little ONE-On -ONE information via email. Thank you - Belinda Beaubouef 1/5/2015 1:26:43 PM0
Adobe Illustrator CS6 Does anyone know Adobe Illustrator CS6 very well? I need some help creating a graph. Just some pointers. Thanks. Anonymous 10/29/2014 4:46:06 PM2
APC 2014 Conference I recently attended the APC conference in Maryland. It was excellent! I need to report back to my boss many of the things I learned while there. I've started the list, but feel that I need some more information. I was wondering if anyone would be so kind as to share any of the information that they reported to their boss and/or co-workers. I would very much appreciate it. Thank you in advance! Anonymous 10/12/2014 2:50:48 PM0
All hands meetings I have been looking for a job since I was laid off a few months ago. One of the things they ask for quite a bit is someone who can arrange all hands meetings. How extensive is that? I am open for tips on those of you who have dones this. Is it easy to do? Seems like you would just need to gather the attendees, location arrange the logistics, agenda, speakers etc. Is there something more than that to do? I welcome all ideas please. Thanks! Anonymous 6/15/2012 4:44:05 PM5
Employee Evaluations I have been tasked with coming up with ways that will improve the value of employee evaluations from a performance, employee motivation, and goal attainment perspective. If you have suggestions, please share them with me. Thanks! Jolie50 6/12/2012 9:19:18 AM1
Looking for VOIP Provider Hi all. I just joined AEAP and I am looking forward to networking and learning from the people who really know what is going on ? US! This is my first post and I am looking for your opinion and advice. I started my current position (a new position in a growing small business) in March 2011 and ?inherited? the VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone system that was selected by a ?non-office type? person that was tasked with moving the phone system from landline to VOIP. Long story short - the service is HORRIBLE and it takes HOURS to get in touch with technical support. They were not bad until they were bought out by another company. Can anyone email me a recommendation of a VOIP provider that you have experience with? BTW, I am unsure of the protocol, so I deliberately have not used the name of the company. I?m guessing that is not allowed? Thanks in advance for all your help! Violet 10/25/2011 10:58:21 AM3
Dual Monitors I have been using dual monitors for 6 years and have no idea how I did my job w/o them. I am constantly setting up travel arrangements and scheduling meetings/appointments. On one screen I can view my Outloook email and view my Outlook Calendar on the other screen. This is also a great resource when transcribing minutes. As I download the transcribed minutes from a digital voice recorder, I can be typing my minutes on one screen while utilizing the other screen to pause the recorder, etc. Additional monitors are very low in cost, and the time saved is well worth that cost. Alice 7/21/2011 1:56:04 PM3
Project Management Advice I've been asked to coordinate the office reconfiguration for my department. It includes two separate office suites. Do you have any suggestions or helpful tips for managing such a project? Ayanna Castro 4/15/2011 1:47:33 PM3
Outlook Tracking Does anyone know how to print an Outlook Tracking. When I go to Tracking it indicates who accepted and declined but when I print what I am viewing I get the invite. I am looking for a printout of the tracking. I schedule meetings that involve many people and need to give an account of who is and is not attending. I am currently cutting/pasting the attendees and creating my own list. There has to be an easier way. Thanks for any help. Ms. Mary 4/15/2011 8:43:52 AM11
Need Outlook Help! My boss wants me to schedule appointments for her by sending her a request that she can accept or decline. I have tried this many different ways and I can't get it right. I use Outlook 2007. I work in an University and these appointments are for just one student and my boss. How can I schedule these so that she gets an email asking her to accept or decline? Thanks! Cindy McIntyre Cindy McIntyre 9/23/2010 9:03:08 AM17
Pittsburgh Area Is anyone interested in putting together a local group of AEAP members? There are local trends, issues and information that could be shared by this wonderful group. If you are interested please email me at the address listed below. My email is: Diane Salava 6/17/2010 9:53:14 AM4
Technically fired I have a situation that I would like some help with. I work for a local Pastor as an Executive Administrative Assistant. I have been in this position for 6 years now. Approximately 2/3 years ago, he hired another person on as an Operations Pastor. Since she has been here, he has taken everything that I did as an Executive Assistant to him and has given it to her. I am basically a receptionist for his office. He has as yet to tell me that this is what has happened and I haven't asked, Yet he still says that I am his Executive Assistant. She also acts as if she is my supervisor, yet he says he is. This has left me confused, I do not know what my position is or where I fit. I have considered resigning. I feel that if he should want me to resign, he should say so. I am seeking advice as to what any of you would do if you were me. Thanks in advance wondering 9/3/2009 12:15:33 PM12
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