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Mission Statement for Administrative Assistants

I have been asked to start facilitating Administrative Meetings and my first assignment from my boss was to come up with a mission statement. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to coordinate doing this and can someone give me some pointers /examples that I could use? Thanks very much! Vivian

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Email me at hsummers@upi.umaryland and I will forward to you some things that I used when our Admin Team meetings began about 5 years ago. Helen Boston-Summers on 8/20/2009 8:35:20 AM
Congrats to you!! Here's my Company's Administrative Support Committee's (ASC) - I am the chair - mission statement The Administrative Support Committee (ASC) mentors all Administrative Point of Contacts (APCs) to ensure consistent and quality administrative support services to assist in the fulfillment of the Company's business objectives Provides uniform training to administrative support staff Recommends improvements to administrative support procedures and guidelines Ensures communication and dissemination of information to administrative support staff Provides vehicle for APCs to address administrative support issues Hope this helps!! Andrea Ryba on 8/19/2009 9:15:08 AM
Hi Vivian. First of all, congratulations on this new challenge. Without knowing the overall purpose of your meetings, I will provide a general mission statement that has been used. It doesn’t have to be lengthy; it is meant to provide guidance to the group and to let others know your focus. You will definitely want to start by calling that first meeting and brainstorming with the group what the mission should be and what they believe, or hope, they will gain from participating in the meetings. You should be sure you are all on the same page and ready to support each other, then you can move on to supporting others as a group. As I have had to take the lead in a few committees and teams, I know how daunting it can be at first, and the amount of planning that goes into getting it up and running and keeping it flowing smoothly. You can feel free to contact me any time if you want to discuss it further and Good Luck! Sample: Our Mission: To provide effective and efficient administrative support throughout our departments and company-wide; and to perform all associated duties to the best of our professional abilities. Jenelle Kirton on 8/19/2009 8:41:19 AM
Below is a mission statement developed a couple of years ago by the executive assistants in my department. The Executive Assistants share a unifying vision that recognizes our strengths, diversity, talents and contributions. We commit to develop as an empowered, professional team through shared knowledge and communication. We encourage professionalism, seek team involvement, creativity and respect others and their ideas. We strive to provide quality, administrative support and to maintain high standards of excellence. We welcome positive change within our team/department. Hope this helps! Anonymous on 8/19/2009 8:32:22 AM
Vivian: If you email me at:, I'll share a copy of my mission statement. Thanks. SWW on 8/19/2009 8:30:40 AM
Hi Pat, Thank you so much for your reply. We are starting these meetings to do everything you mentioned within your reply back to me. I needed to add something to my performance review as a goal to achieve and to try to pull everyone together. We have a great small admin staff of (7). Our meeting is Friday and I was planning on letting everyone suggest words/phrases/sentences and put them up on a flip chart. My boss suggested that we start off with some kind of a mission statement. You have given me a good start and I will let you know how it comes out. Thanks so much, Vivian Vivian on 8/19/2009 8:30:40 AM
Hello Vivian, Congratulations on your new endeavor. As with anything, starting and getting through the planning stage is the most challenging – the same with facilitating regular meetings. I will gladly chat with you about developing a mission statement (of course inviting our fellow “ administrative professionals” to join this discussion thread). I will reference J.L. Wards’ “A Working Glossary of Project Management Terms” I heard him lecture years ago so I can state that he refers to himself as LeRoy, as he explained the mission statement to be a “discription prepared and endorsed by members of the organization and should answer these questions: Who do we do? For whom do we do it? How do we go about it? I take this to mean Vivian, that your mission statement would be authored by you but needs to be approved by your boss (who will probably do the final editing) and perferably sanctioned in the first meeting by your meeting participants. May I asked what prompted the need for regular meetings? This might give us a “clue” to an effective mission statement tailored to the needs of your group. You can also include thoughts like … The purpose of the administrative meetings is to: - enhance communication among administrative professions, creating a sense of comradie - create a consistent forum for identification of challenges (problems) so that the we can collectively recommend resolutions for process improvement (something like that, please help me with this one…) - ensure consistent and quality ….what do we deliver, products, outputs, Well, that a start. We can continue to chat, if you like. Please advise how this turns out. Bye for now, Pat Pat on 8/14/2009 12:33:24 PM

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