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How Do You Triage your Executives Emails?

Assistants who read and process their Executive?s emails need to have a system in place that is effective. Do you read and drag emails into folders like Urgent, Action, Assistant Handled, Reading, etc., for your manager to action? Do you leave all the emails in Outlook and flag or use color coding? Do you read all the emails in advance and take care of action items before he/she reads them. Do you have regular times you look at your emails. Please share details of what works efficiently for you!

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My CEO gets TONS of email each day! I check email in the morning and throughout the day and I use a folder and flag system. I answer most of them independently and the ones that require more info from him, I connect with him and then respond. He sits on several boards, so I have folders broken down by organization (for external boards and those we do business with). I have rules set up that automatically move the messages to the appropriate folders. For messages from internal senders that require follow-up, I flag and handle according to priority. After I handle the email, I archive it (another folder system). I've learned that when I would handle it and leave it in the inbox, it would end up being a repetition of efforts (one of my pet peeves), but this was early-on in our relationship. If its something that he needs to see, I bring it to his attention. We both have iPhones and I have his email, contacts and calendar on mine, so I do monitor email after-hours. I hope this helps and if I can assist you further, feel free to contact me directly. :-) C-Level EA on 4/16/2014 7:43:00 AM
I read my executive's e-mail throughout the day. In the morning, I may print them all out, but I answer them all, or forward them to him for his response. If I have any that are outstanding, or waiting for a response, I have an area on my desk that I put them - but, truthfully, I don't like to "carry over" e-mails - I take care of them immediately. The only ones that may have to wait are the ones that he has not responded to - I review my "hold" pile periodically and ask him what he needs from me to respond to the e-mail. Sometimes he has forgotten, but other times he is thinking about it. I don't have folders to hold e-mails, as I don't like to procrastinate and like to take care of everything in a timely fashion. Hope this helps! Janice Celedonia on 4/15/2014 2:05:17 PM

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