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SMART Goals for EAs

Has anyone created SMART goals as an EA? If so, would you be willling to share? I've been asked to put together 8-10 SMART goals ASAP. I know what SMART goals are, but not always easy to measure our job. Thank you!

Submitted by: Donna McCarthy


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Hi Donna! I know it may seem difficult at first, however, when you start writing down some goals you will find it easier to do than you think. Because I manage school grants, one of my goals: Specific: Improve accounting and spreadsheet skills and knowledge relating to writing grants. Measurable: Track home work, exam grades as well as final received upon completion of taking a class. Develop new spreadsheets with built-in formulas, macros, etc. based on information learned. Achievable: Specific courses available on campus or online (Excel, Accounting, Grant Writing) Relevant: Directly relates to my company's vision and mission statement of obtaining grant funds to purchase required items for school courses. Time-Bound: Enroll in Accounting Fundamentals by Fall 2015 and complete course by December 1, 2015. Ivonne Rosado on 3/23/2015 3:09:22 PM

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