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Halloween celebration

I am trying to come up with something fun and simple to do at our office to boost morale. Since Halloween is neither political or religious, I thought this date could be the reason for an office type of party. I wanted to know what other offices do, if anything, to get some ideas now. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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This is not just for Halloween, but we have a 'color of the month' day where on the third Thursday of the month, everyone wears the same color shirt/top to work that day. It promotes a lot of interaction among staff - especially if you forget to wear the color! Kathleen Costa on 8/12/2015 2:19:19 PM
The admins at our office hold an annual Halloween potluck. Employees sign up to bring various potluck items. We will also have different contests each year, such as a pumpkin carving contest, chili cookoff, salsa contest and costume contests. Family members of the employees are encouraged to join in. This is followed up with trick or treating from the children that come (we encourage all employees to bring treats and place them outside of their offices and cubicles so that the kids can come around and trick or treat around the office. Employees and their families look forward to the celebration each year. Amanda Kirkendall on 8/12/2015 8:41:46 AM
For Halloween in our office, everyone bakes something and then in the afternoon it's dessert time. It's a lot of fun to see how creative people can be...we've had "finger" cookies, "bandaid" cookies and just plain 'ol chocolate chip cookies for those who don't feel like being creative. If you don't want to bake, then you have to bring in an item for the local food pantry. The conference room is all decorated for Halloween (check out the dollar store for decorations, table clothes, etc.) and everyone is entered into a drawing for door prizes. Everyone enjoys it and we even invite other small departments to join in. Anonymous on 8/12/2015 7:33:31 AM
We don't do anything special for Halloween but celebrate Bonza Bottler every month that occurs on a work day. Bonza Bottler is when the month and day are the same number (ex Jan 1, Feb 2, Mar 3, 4-4, 5-5 ) get the picture. We do a Fantasy Football dip party to pick each team. Something as simple as having a rootbeer float party or banana split party where the ingredients are put out and people can help themselves. Our Christmas exchange is a Chinese Raffle with a $20 limit on gifts. How about a white elephant auction with play money? Have fun! Anonymous on 8/12/2015 6:14:31 AM
Google a great recipe for Witch Finger Cookies by Giada De Laurentiis. (Video included). Place these cookies in a witches animated box (you can get at a craft store). Have people open the box and it will break the ice by making everyone laugh!! Good Luck!! Stephanie Woodruff on 8/11/2015 3:41:36 PM
We do not do anything specific for Halloween, but try to do fun events throughout the year. A few of our favorites are the corn beef & cabbage luncheon for St Patrick's Day and a Thanksgiving feast that we all join in on. (18 of us). All food is donated and prepared by staff and we pay $10 per person, which gets added to our fundraising $$. We also will hold breakfasts throughout the here. We end up with a lot of $$ by year end and shop for needy children at Christmas time. We all get together to wrap and others deliver. Great team building for sure! We also raffle gift baskets throughout the year. We have themes from movie baskets, gardening, spa theme, chocotate, etc. Another thing we do, which really has boosted moral, is we have posted in our kitchen a big monthly "Catch Me Doing Something Right" board. Everyone adds to it throughout the week. Staff likes to see that their hard work or great ideas are recognized. We hold bowling parties after work a few times a year, we go mini-golfing, even play laser tag. Our theme is we work very hard, but we also play hard! Makes it more like a family atmosphere! Shannon Smith on 8/11/2015 2:43:26 PM
In the past we had food decorating contest with a halloween theme. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners would get a gift certificate and everyone else enjoys the food after the judging. Kay Nondorf on 8/11/2015 1:56:54 PM
Halloween is actually derived from the Celtic holiday of Samhain, which is a harvest festival of sorts. We don't celebrate Halloween, but we do have a social committee who plans a maximum of six events ranging from lunch at restaurants to pot luck lunches to picnics. Masterg on 8/11/2015 1:48:53 PM
We always have a chili cook-off at Halloween. It is cool enough in Iowa that it works and everyone gets to be a judge. The winner gets to take away the silver spoon award and there are prizes for 2nd and 3rd place. We are also having an end of summer party over our lunch, serving pulled pork sandwiches and everyone bringing a side dish. It doesn't have to be complicated, it just needs to be an excuse to come together as a company. Wishing you well in your endeavor. Anonymous on 8/11/2015 1:47:23 PM
We are doing a potluck as well - soup since it's cold here - and a photo matching contest for some laughs (most awkward baby and high school photo). Maybe the same only have people bring in their funniest Halloween pic as a kid? We're just going to pick up a couple of small gift cards for prizes, to incent people to participate. on 8/11/2015 1:44:57 PM
Count Candy Corn and place in a large container. Let people guess the number of candy pieces. Who ever gets the closest without going over, gets a gift certificate. Then share the candy! Violet on 8/11/2015 1:44:36 PM
We have also done a pot luck, but Halloween themed it, there are some great, and fun, recipes out there (Kraft,, Pilsbury, etc.), we have also bobbed for apples. I really like the pumpkin carving idea, I may steal that one for this year! We do have people dress up and have had some very clever ideas. Hope you have a successful party! Dawn Kenny on 8/11/2015 1:42:00 PM
How about a pot luck lunch, or a pizza party? Maybe ask employees to wear a mask to lunch to add a little fun. Alice on 8/11/2015 1:35:44 PM
We have done a couple of things: 1. Pumpkin decorating or carving contest 2. Baking contest 3. Costume contest 4. Carnival games (bob for apples etc...) Lois Rockwell on 8/11/2015 1:34:21 PM

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