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Admin Mentor Program

Hi everyone. I'm in the process of putting together a Mentor Program for new admins. Does anyone have any procedures or processes on this topic? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Submitted by: Kathy J.


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I am a freeform administrative assistant in the sense that I do not follow a set guideline. I will suggest that a new assistant examine how to best incorporate your goals as an administrative professional in with the goals of your new corporation. Knowing what your company expects of you rather than just your private goals is a number one priority. I hope this is helpful. I will also say that at first it was best to follow the guidelines already developed for my position and I grew according to the company changes. I am going on almost ten years now and still very satisfied with my job. Judith Creedon on 1/20/2016 8:43:55 PM
I implemented an orientation/mentoring process where I work. An Administrative Assistant with good typing and telephone skills is severely handicapped if he/she knows nothing about the processes in your organization. I developed a check list of information to help new hires with just those barriers. We assign the new admin to one of the seasoned staff who can help walk them through the onboarding information. This "mentorship" lasts up to one year and actually all of the Admins in our organization are pretty well bonded to one another and continue to help each other. If you will send me your e-mail address, I will send you a copy of the check list we use in my organization and you can modify it to work for your company. I can be reached at Debbie on 1/20/2016 9:29:13 AM
Hi Kathy: I searched the newsletter archives and found this: If you have other questions, you can email me direct at and I'll help as I can. Cindy ;} Editor, The Executary Cindy Brock on 1/20/2016 9:06:10 AM

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