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Perks for the Office

Hello Everyone! I am in search of new "free" perks for my office. What do you have at your office? Do you like them? Are you willing to share? We currently have things like: Working Advantage, Plum Benefits, and Tickets at Work. Corporate Perks for the New York area; discounts to local restaurants through our association with the building management; and we have discounts at various theme parks. What works for your office? What do people like? What do they get excited about? Thanking you in advance for your time and attention!

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We have coupons that are worth $5 each towards our local shopping mall (gift certificate). Every month employees are given two to give out. Check boxes that have the following can be checked: 1) Identifying client needs 2) being proactive 3) no surprises 4) No excuses 5) demonstrate that you care 6) be a team player 7) be a business advisor 8) Take a step out of the forest 9) Be honest 10) do the little extras. I personally collect the ones I receive and cash in for a big payout at the mall. It's a nice way that we can recognize the abilities of others and reward them in a small way that can really add up. Alias on 10/5/2016 5:13:41 PM
The office I worked in previously was anti-social. Blue Jeans days and free food were the best. The Activities Committee would put together throughout the calendar year a Blue Jeans days for $1. Pay $1 and receive the second half of a raffle ticket. Thanksgiving week there are 3 work days. Employees pay $1 a day to wear jeans. In April: Green day, or National Environmental day, the office would purge files, clean their desks and wear jeans for free. The money would purchase gift certificates to: Starbucks, a medium to high end restaurants. $1 to wear jeans Opening day at baseball park, order in hot dogs with all the trimmings. Purchase a baseball jersey and raffle it off with the purchase of a ticket to wear jeans. The week bonuses are distributed a brunch from a nice catering company would be ordered and corporate officers served the employees. For this you need plastic gloves and aprons. We also had massage therapist come in for free neck and back massages. Rita Rossi on 6/8/2016 6:34:24 PM

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