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Sleeping co-worker

I have a co-worker who has some physical problems and takes a nap everyday behind her cubicle for at least an hour or more each afternoon and sometimes even in the mornings as well. She used to worry that she would be caught; but now, she can't help it. Her direct supervisor probably knows. I love her dearly as I've worked with her for almost 13 years straight. I am concerned for her but she has to work as she's a sole provider for her family and she's way past retirement age. I can't dish out much work to her because the illness is causing her memory to slip a little. Thus, during busy season I'm working extra hard. She gets frustrated about learning new things and my not giving her some of my work when I get busy; but honestly, she would forget a lot or it's not done correctly. There are times when she does something great and I compliment over and beyond so that she can feel needed. But there are other times when I'm over whelmed at work that it bothers me to see her sleeping in the cubicle next to me while I'm incredibly busy. Then I get upset at myself for feeling angry because I care for her. Any suggestions?

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She may have Narcolepsy where she just falls asleep and this can impact your memory as well. Or it could be Sleep Apnea. I would suggest she see a neurologist and be tested for both of these. It isn't fair to you or others and she would probably feel 100% better if she knew what was causing it. Denise Daniels on 8/10/2016 6:24:11 AM

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