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Calendar/Meeting Scheduling

Is anyone aware of a calendar keeping / meeting scheduling program that would work for individuals who do not work in the same office or business. We currently have some users utilizing Google Calendar, Outlook, and others a hand written calendar. I am looking for something that does not give details, only availability and the individual would be responsible for keeping their own calendar up-to-date. This would help in the scheduling of various meetings with the different businesses. We have tried the "sharing" of the calendars but this only works if you are using the same program. Thanks in advance!

Submitted by: Kelley Kucharczyk


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This is Nannette again. The name of the program is called Doodle. You can use it to reach out to a large group of people to schedule meetings. For meetings of more than 5 people, this tool is really useful because, as I'm sure you know, when a group gets beyond 5 people, it is really challenging to look at calendars to schedule a meeting. Doodle gives you an easy visual of when people are available as they respond to your request. Hope this helps. Nannette Bouknight on 10/6/2016 8:28:37 AM
Good morning Kelley, Google calendar is great for that function not only because it will allow you to see a group of different calendars that are shared with you, but they can also share them in a manner that only allows you to see their availability and not the details as you were wanting. I have a lot of calendars that I can view, some I can see the details and some I can't. Either way it makes it very easy to schedule meetings for multiple people. There is also a program that you can use to request schedules from a group of people. Unfortunately, I can't think of the name and can't get in our work server right now to look it up. I will reply again once I have the name for you. I've tried it once and it was very helpful. Nannette Bouknight on 10/6/2016 7:08:51 AM
Hi Kelley, Through the approval of my boss, I had everyone move to google mail and google calendar. I see the calendars & availability of all 6 of his administrators as well as send invites for everything. It is their responsibility to keep it updated because that is how I set up meetings, events, etc. I love google calendar and of course, it works for our on campus and off campus staff members. I hope this helps, but you are so right if everyone doesn't have the same program it does not work. Maybe you can get everyone on the same program. I'm cross my fingers. It would definitely save time for you. Good luck! Sincerely, Lisa Lisa Williamson on 10/5/2016 2:55:04 PM
Google calendar is a great tool. It will also sync those using Outlook. You can have it sync. It can also sync only one way for some who do not not want it to download everyone's to their program but everyone can view the master calendar. I used to use this as a way to keep up with exec's calendar while we were always on the move. Belinda Beaubouef on 10/5/2016 2:35:59 PM

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