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Working Remote Policies

I work in a large healthcare facility. Working from home/remotely is becoming a new concept for our organization. Wondering if anyone has policies/guidelines they would be willing to share with me, so we can look what other healthcare organizations are doing. Thank you!

Submitted by: Kay Nondorf


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This is from our handbook: Personal Hardship Policy/Work at home for appropriate positions In cases of personal hardship, flexible working hours, work-at-home hours or a combination of both may be considered for a limited period of time. Requests in this regard should be made in writing and describe the nature of the hardship, the proposed work schedule, the duration of the special arrangement, and suggested arrangements for coverage of the staff member?s responsibilities during absence periods. Such requests will require the written approval of the employee?s supervisor. Requests exceeding a single workday shall also require the approval of the Executive Director. If work-at-home hours are requested, consideration will be given as to whether the nature of the employee?s work lends itself to being done out of the office and allows for supervisor evaluation of productivity. Positions that require frequent or ongoing face-to-face interaction with other staff and/or the general public are generally considered inappropriate for working from home. Consideration will also be given as to whether the work requires the use of equipment or information on the agency?s premises that may not reasonably be taken off-site, and a work-at-home arrangement generally may not entail any additional financial expense to the agency. A determination must also be made that sufficient staff coverage exists within the department to allow for this option to occur. Participating employees must have demonstrated the ability to perform the work with minimal supervision. A request may be denied on the basis of any of the above criteria. The employee must be reachable by telephone during the specified work-at-home hours and consent to have her or his telephone number released to and used by staff and/or other individuals deemed to have a justifiable need to speak to the employee on work-related matters. The cost of all work-related telephone calls and other expenses including the cost of an Internet connection, computer, and other costs incurred from working at home must be borne by the employee. Masterg on 1/17/2019 1:29:04 PM

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