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Any suggestions for a reputable Virtual Assistant company

My boss is looking to hire a personal assistant to help with her other entities. My job as her Executive Assistant with her marketing company is a 40+ hour job so I am unable to provide assistance. I have spoken with Belay, which I know is a good company as one of our Account Executives is using them for her assistant, but they require a commitment to 45 hours/month. She is not sure she can use someone that many hours as of now. Does anyone have any experience with any other companies? Thank you for your help! Diane

Submitted by: Diane Harper


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Hello, Diane! How is she looking to pay this person - i.e., as a W-2 employee or as a 1099 contractor? Also, can this be a remote position? If so, I do know quite a few people who are Virtual Assistants that provide great services on an "as needed" basis. They are self-employed so there is no mark-up for their services by an agency or company. If you'd like to tell me more, feel free to email me at Regards, Cindy Brock Cindy Brock on 3/8/2021 3:55:56 PM

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