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Virtual Assistants
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Any suggestions for a reputable Virtual Assistant company My boss is looking to hire a personal assistant to help with her other entities. My job as her Executive Assistant with her marketing company is a 40+ hour job so I am unable to provide assistance. I have spoken with Belay, which I know is a good company as one of our Account Executives is using them for her assistant, but they require a commitment to 45 hours/month. She is not sure she can use someone that many hours as of now. Does anyone have any experience with any other companies? Thank you for your help! Diane Diane Harper 3/5/2021 3:52:28 PM1
Have more members become Virtual Assistants since 2008? I see that we have a forum from 2008 regarding becoming a VA. Are there others out there who have become VA's? If so, how is it going? I'd like to see samples of what you offer your clients and I'd like to know how successful you have been. Do you feel it is necessary to be an expert in everything, i.e. accounting, as well as traditional administrative assistant skills? My accounting experience is next to nothing, but my office skills are strong. Is it possible to start a VA service without offering full-service options? Or do you think it is best to wait until I have a chance to take an accounting course so that I can offer a more full-service plan? Thanks for your input. Terry Killian 8/31/2010 9:41:05 AM3
Wanted to switch to healthcare industry I'm an administrative assistant with 12 years of experience in the financial (consulting) industry. I'm interested in switching to the healthcare industry since I used to work for a pharmaceutical company and was once familiar with medical terminologies. I was wondering what additional skills (aside from the transferable ones) or software programs (aside from Microsoft office) I need to have and learn to be able to work in this industry (especially the hospitals). Anonymous 7/22/2010 12:31:39 AM1
Legitimate home-based admin opportunity Does anyone know of a legitimate opportunity for someone with excellent admin skills to work from home? All of the postings online seem questionable. Thanks for any advice! Julie Dasher 5/8/2008 2:21:18 PM10
All Season Flea Markets I have a client who is thinking about renting a permanent space at an All Seasons Flea Market for his business and would like some ideas on how to do this on a very very small budget. This flea market has framed in sections that allow him to build walls, locked doors, etc. to maintain a business year round. Does anybody have any knowledge about other businesses that have done this? And if so, how did they set their business up? Susan Rogers 12/7/2007 5:50:11 AM0
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