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Corporate Gift Basket companies I need to send a very "nice" gift basket of some kind to a company we work very closely with. They are moving into a new building and it will just be a "congratulations.....good luck" kind of thing. I've searched online and all I seem to come across are companies like Harry and David, Gourmet Gift Baskets, etc. We receive baskets like those all the time and I really want to send something unique and substantial, not just the ordinary run of the mill items. I was wondering if anyone has worked with a company in the past that you would recommend to me that does a really nice job with their baskets. Any new ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Anonymous 8/14/2019 8:33:13 AM0
Brighten my work world With this cold dreary winter slowly coming to an end I need to brighten up my office to celebrate the coming of spring. Does anyone have suggestions on wall coverings, decorations, plants etc. I have sunlight from my window. Thanks for any help. Anonymous 2/13/2018 11:00:00 AM2
Portal Registrations for Suppliers I am curious if any of you are being inundated with requests from your customers to use their portals and how you are handling these requests. I work for a manufacturing company and I am responsible for completing the required paperwork from customers needed in order to become an approved supplier. We are already vetted though the Systems for Award Management ?SAM? which certifies government suppliers ensuring that vendors comply with all government requirements with regard to all legal, quality, safety, etc. so this information is already available however more and more of our customers are insisting that we register with their supply chain portals as a requirement of doing business with them. Some of these portals are very time consuming and require many documents to be uploaded to the portal, some of which do not even apply to us. Often there is not an option to skip a question or enter ?N/A?. You are simply ?stuck? until you make something up to move to the next question. Some... Violet 1/9/2018 9:19:59 AM2
How to apply a best practice in providing shared administrative support to a global CEO Looking for article on how to apply a best practice in providing shared administrative support to a global CEO. Currently there are 2 EA's supporting 1 CEO and one is local and the other is global. Hope you can help. Cheryl Ransdell 11/15/2017 4:18:50 PM0
Clean air - assistance please Our receptionist who is a very nice person has a terrible odor about them. It is not your typical body odor, but just as bad if not worse. Some days are worse than others. On the really bad days the smell goes upstairs to the second floor of our building. Seeking advice on how to discuss the issue with the employee. Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Shannon 10/4/2017 2:26:03 PM4
Holiday lunches Does anyone host luncheons in their office for Thanksgiving or the Christmas holidays where everyone contributes for all to enjoy. I would like to do this for those that don't have anywhere or anyone to celebrate with and believe it would boost morale. Please let me know what your office is doing. Thanks. Anonymous 10/4/2017 1:55:57 PM6
Bored At New Job Hi Everyone, I was fortunate enough to start a new job as Assistant to the President, VP of Administration and Director of Medical Missions. However, no one is giving me anything to do. I've been here 5 weeks now and have asked repeatedly (to everyone) if they need me to do anything. I discovered they changed the job description and have 3 other people doing parts of my job. All I do is answer the phone and use the security system to let people into our building. I don't know what to do. I can't stand to sit around the do nothing. Any suggestions? Carolyn Santora 5/11/2017 7:40:40 AM4
Taking Back My Job Duties without Conflict with another employee There's an employee that had taken over some of my duties while I was out on sick leave. I became very ill and was out for three months. Upon my return, which I have been back for over six months now, she refuses to relinquish my duties and ignore my friendly reminders that I am back and am capable of doing my job. Please send me suggestions as to how to eliminate confusion and continue to maintain my job duties with this employee without getting the supervisor involved as I want to show that I am capable of handling conflict. Irene Scott 4/20/2017 8:34:48 AM3
Administrative Professionals Week/Day 2017 Need help planning a program or event for Administrative Professionals Week/Day 2017. Any and all suggestions are appreciated! Thanks Anonymous 2/28/2017 3:49:00 PM2
Corporate Retreat Our group is looking for a team building retreat that will truly help people bond. A couple of years before I was hired, the group had a retreat that included a race car driving experience, and they felt the adrenaliine and excitement contributed to making it incredibly memorable. Does anyone have any suggestions, or possible locations on the East Coast that have been successful activities? Sondra 2/12/2017 3:57:51 PM4
Housing Alexandria, VA Hello Everyone, I'm looking to relocate to the northern VA area and am interested in safe, affordable housing in the Alexandria, VA area. Any information regarding safe areas of apartments, homes, etc.? would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all! Irene Scott 2/9/2017 9:48:16 AM1
meeting recorders and transcription Ended up purchasing a new Olympus recorder and foot pedal from American Dictation Corp. that is Microsoft 10 compliant. This should do the trick. They were very helpful! Julie Minegar Stasi 2/2/2017 4:24:18 PM0
meeting recorders and transcription Every time we get new computers and new word versions (Windows 10) my voice recorder does not work properly. Does anyone use a recorder that has voice recognition? We have meetings that need Minutes transcribed. Today that while typing in one screen my minutes (in word) I now cannot use the F4 key to stop my audio (showing in my second screen). This new version requires I use the space bar to stop the audio. But when I use the space bar, the actual space is typed in my Minutes. Does anyone recommend a recorder with voice recognition that would type the audio into word and then I could just edit what is transposed? Julie Minegar Stasi 2/1/2017 11:05:38 AM2
Need Help With Re-entering The AA Field Hello. From 1983 to 2014 I worked in the healthcare field working my way up from a Medical Records Clerk to an Executive Assistant. In 2014 my position was eliminated. This was the first time I was unemployed. I took some time off to spend with family and picked up a part time position at a local retail store. I'm now trying to get back into my field of expertise and having a difficult time finding a good paying Administrative Assistant position. I am taking a class through www.ed2go to brush up on the Administrative Assistant Applications. Does anyone have any advice for me on starting back up and being the polished assistant that companies are looking for? Thank you Carolyn Carolyn Santora 2/1/2017 9:08:40 AM7
Calendar/Meeting Scheduling Is anyone aware of a calendar keeping / meeting scheduling program that would work for individuals who do not work in the same office or business. We currently have some users utilizing Google Calendar, Outlook, and others a hand written calendar. I am looking for something that does not give details, only availability and the individual would be responsible for keeping their own calendar up-to-date. This would help in the scheduling of various meetings with the different businesses. We have tried the "sharing" of the calendars but this only works if you are using the same program. Thanks in advance! Kelley Kucharczyk 10/5/2016 1:40:28 PM5
Perks for the Office Hello Everyone! I am in search of new "free" perks for my office. What do you have at your office? Do you like them? Are you willing to share? We currently have things like: Working Advantage, Plum Benefits, and Tickets at Work. Corporate Perks for the New York area; discounts to local restaurants through our association with the building management; and we have discounts at various theme parks. What works for your office? What do people like? What do they get excited about? Thanking you in advance for your time and attention! Anonymous 6/8/2016 9:24:10 AM2
Starting an Admin Support Group A few of the assistants on my job were discussing the need for starting an admin support group within our company to share best practices, ask advice and to share training information. We have approximately 40 assistants in the company. Has anyone started an admin support group in their company and if so, how did you go about it? Did other assistants in your company support it? Any information would be appreciated. Anonymous 2/15/2016 4:33:30 PM10
Coffee Good Afternoon Everyone, I gave this question a lot of thought before I decided to seek feedback directly from the sources that be, so to speak. My question is, can someone give me insight on coffee? To be blunt, getting coffee for your boss. Can someone share their thoughts about this topic? Whether good or bad, I would love to hear from you. Thank you for your time. Ann Shelton 2/2/2016 12:20:31 PM21
Admin Mentor Program Hi everyone. I'm in the process of putting together a Mentor Program for new admins. Does anyone have any procedures or processes on this topic? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Kathy J. 1/19/2016 12:48:30 PM3
Help in creating a mission statement & values for Assistants I have been promoted to Lead Executive Assistant and have been assigned to come up with a mission statement & values for our team. Could someone give me some examples that I could use? Thanks very much! Tina Catina Foreman 11/6/2015 10:41:04 PM3
Job Descriptions - Administrative Assistant At my facility, we are in the process of re-creating our job descriptions. Would anyone be willing to share theirs? Looking for administrative assistant job descriptions. Thank you! Kelly Biggert 8/19/2015 11:27:13 AM6
Halloween celebration I am trying to come up with something fun and simple to do at our office to boost morale. Since Halloween is neither political or religious, I thought this date could be the reason for an office type of party. I wanted to know what other offices do, if anything, to get some ideas now. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks. Anonymous 8/11/2015 11:48:00 AM16
SMART Goals for EAs Has anyone created SMART goals as an EA? If so, would you be willling to share? I've been asked to put together 8-10 SMART goals ASAP. I know what SMART goals are, but not always easy to measure our job. Thank you! Donna McCarthy 3/17/2015 3:05:25 PM1
Seminar Outline I need some assistance putting together an outline or overview of what I learned at a recent seminar and would like to know if anyone else has done this. Perhaps someone has a template that they use if they attend seminars often. It is very important that I show my boss the benefits of my attendance to assist me in gaining approval for future programs. Anonymous 10/16/2014 10:56:07 AM6
Salary Comparison I have been given a new title to substantiate my increased work load. I am now the Director of Executive and Board Affairs. My last title was Executive Assistant to the President/CEO and COO. I still report to the President/CEO, but I have sole responsibility for the Board of Directors. I work at a non-profit social service agency. I was wondering if anyone out there has some advice on where to find a comparable salary or who has a similar job title. I have tried all of the normal salary sites such as, payscale, etc. Alice 9/2/2014 2:12:13 PM4
How Do You Schedule a Large Meeting With Executives Whose Calendars Show Booked? Help! I just started a new job. I need to schedule a meeting with 16 executives and President of large company. For a two month period, their Outlook calendars show solid bookings each day for half of them, with infrequent openings for the others. However, if Outlook shows booked, and you call their Assistants, you may find times they can change meetings to free up a few hours. I tried Doodle for another meeting but half of the people did not respond. I can?t propose meeting dates if there aren?t any times available. Out of desperation, I copied a calendar for September and October, called several Assistants, and we went through each of the 60 days to determine times that could be available. Then I moved these times to a master calendar, and it showed only 3 days available after just these few people. I believe we will have to hold a night meeting to get everyone to attend, but first I needed to document the fact they did not have time available in the day as they do no... Anonymous 8/31/2014 2:00:58 PM8
Office/Space Planning, Furniture Quotation Our small company (about 30 employees and growing) will be moving to a larger facility later in 2014. The construction is now at the stage where decisions will need to be made with regard to placement of electrical and data outlets. We are looking for some companies that are experienced in assisting with the selection and layout of furniture to maximize our space and functionality and can advise us where electrical and data outlets should be placed. We will be purchasing furniture for an additional, much larger conference room, break room and additional offices. We also will be expanding our Sales and Engineering office which will mean adding more cubicles and redesigning the layout to fit into the new space. We are in Maryland. I am seeking recommendations of companies that sell office furniture that can also assist us in this planning process and give us some options along with quotations. I also would appreciate any input/advice from anyone that has already experienced ... Violet 6/13/2014 2:54:54 PM6
How Do You Triage your Executives Emails? Assistants who read and process their Executive?s emails need to have a system in place that is effective. Do you read and drag emails into folders like Urgent, Action, Assistant Handled, Reading, etc., for your manager to action? Do you leave all the emails in Outlook and flag or use color coding? Do you read all the emails in advance and take care of action items before he/she reads them. Do you have regular times you look at your emails. Please share details of what works efficiently for you! Anonymous 4/15/2014 11:57:13 AM2
Interview Questions for Office Systems Specialist Could you please provide me with some questions for an interview for Office Systems Specialist. This position handles a good amount of travel for the department. Thank you Anonymous 4/7/2014 6:04:35 PM1
Travel Arrangements I have an employee who will be retiring after 13-years and is responsible for handling all of the travel for the department. Could you please share your information, travel sites, forms any suggestions that you may have regarding travel. Sometimes three to five employees travel at one time. I work for the government. Thank you Anonymous 3/12/2014 8:57:07 AM4
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